19 August 1968
Morning Report
By 0700 hrs elements of 1st platoon under the command of SSG Popov were delivered by trucks to BT 918 224.
1st Platoon has 17 EMs with 10 present (1 E-6, 2 E-5, 5 E-4s, 1 E-3s and 1 E-1).
Report signed by Max Popov, SSG Infantry, Commander-in-charge.

By 0900 hrs bodies of 2 US KHAs of the 1st platoon were evacuated. Additional forces were airlifted from Chu Lai to BT 928 270 for reinforcement.

1000 - 1200 platoon moved forward to check river crossing at BT 914 281. SSG Popov sent recon team leading by SGT Torres to find the safest way to cross the river. At 1150 PVT O'Brien spotted enemy forces moving on the road along the river. The next few minutes 1st plt opened automatic fire on targets. By 1205 hrs, firing stopped resulting no US KHA as well as no enemy casualties.

1215-1500 1st plt moved forward, crossed river at BT 905 275 and found long time abandoned enemy training camp on Hill BT 902 280. On 1235 1st plt was ordered to provide search-and-destroy operation along the ridge west of Lo Cam Xa and especially Hill BT 889 250.

At 1300 SP4 Van York spotted enemy forces resting on the Hill BT 883 260. SP4 Van York initiated hasty ambush and in the next few minutes 1st plt opened automatic fire on targets. By 1315 hrs, firing stopped resulting 2 US WHA (SP4 Van York and SGT Torres) as well as 2 VC KHA.

It should be noted that this action resulted in 2 VC KIA, 2 Chi Com AK-47 captured. Documents, map and orders taken from the body of an black dressed VC identified the attacking forces as elements of the 72nd Local Battalion of VC.

By 1515 1st plt reached Hill BT 889 250 and on 1600 was drived out by 1st Bn truck convoy from BT 881 239.

12. (C) Results:
a. Enemy Losses: 3 KIA
b. Friendly losses: 2 KHA and 2 WHA

13. (C) Commander's Analysis.
1st platoon found elements of the 72nd Local Battalion of VC which definetely were part of mortar batteries which attacked the convoy

Staff Sergeant, Infantry

Photo by SP4 Sheffield and PFC Davion, The Gunfighters 84Cs

The rest of 1st Platoon - survivors of the Wolf's Mud Operation

From the left to the right.
Standing: SP4 Bruster, PVT O'Brien, PFC Davion, SP4 Falconnen, SP4 Sheffield
Sitting: SGT Liberman, SSG Popov, SP4 Van York, SGT Torres, SP4 Freeman

"Wolf's Mud" was the last operation of 1st Squad Leader SGT Liberman.
US ARMY didn't approve his request for the third tour so he was sent to CONUS and disharge with honor.
Bunny, Bro, we miss you!!!!

Wolf's Mud Operation Participants