2002. Lo Giang Battle

Keep your head down, Cherry!


Oh, shit, again Tunnel.
2002. Engineer work at FSB

Com'n dig here!

Do you really want me to show you?

Coca-cola, cold, wow!

Move quicker, Private!
2002. Bong Mieu River Battle

During the patrol
at Bong Mieu river.

PFC Vermin is on position.

PVT Stone covers the movement.

Crossing the river.

Hey, no snakes, I'm sure!
2003. Nui Hoac Ridge Battle

In the foxhole near the ridge.
SP4 Freeman and WIA PVT McGregor.

"Shit, Mopic, take cover!!!!"

Sometimes it happens and we have firefight pause.
PVT Sheffield and PFC Schneider.

PVT Sheffield checks dead VC.
2003. China Seashore Search & Destroy Mission

China Seashore. VC boat

"Coffee" pause

1st Platoon is on patrol.

China Seashore.

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